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The Welcome Home Group A Veteran Employment Reintegration Solution
We chose to be highly focused on the issue of Veteran Employment.

Our team is well designed and prepared to work with the veteran to assist them in civilian employment reintegration. We have developed an innovative way to get veterans and their families prepared for reentry into the civilian workforce. This system is unlike any other available today. It is based on common-sense, discipline, and the veterans attitude to succeed. Our program is designed to accomplish one goal. That goal is for the veteran to be successful. We except nothing less and the veteran understands that when they enter our system. The veterans top priority is working with their team to develop the finest interactive resume, the best interviewing skills and how to use the top tier support which is available to them. The veteran is put in the position to win at all times. Focus is the key and we have mastered that Interactive Employment System.

Working with veterans in a strategic program allows them to focus on the tasks that they need to develop the skills that will put and keep them ahead of the rest.

Being a part of our program creates a “team” environment, which is something the veteran understands from their time in the military. The Team is made up of Resume Development Specialists, Interview Specialists, as well as others who have extensive knowledge in the hiring process. These team members have one very specific goal in mind… Success.

The 30 Day Program

Through a strategic program designed around successful practices. This system creates a unique opportunity for the veteran to partner with our team to develop themselves as professionals. The system includes the following components:

Interactive Resume
Resume Training
Job Interview Training
Employment Matching
Veteran/Employer Support